воскресенье, 27 апреля 2014 г.

Off The Wall

Let's name this post "Off The wall'!
(yeah, that's my fave song of Michael Jackson)

So here is a look which I was wearing around two weeks ago
(I've no time always to post everything at once) aaand u know that :D
My unbelievably fave striped shirt+black pants+white sneakers aaand of course my lovely lovely black hat!
Super comfortable look!
Yeah, by the way it was such a nice day w/ my friends!
During photoshoot and too much walking we've become hungry and
were trying to find something new to have a good dinner. So we did! :)

So, guys, let me show you everything from that saturated day!

hat, Zara
ear cuffs, H&M
pants, Stradivarius
sneakers, H&M

my stylish friend Elvin here again :)

"American Bull"- really cool place to have a super tasty dinner :P

and here is a little photoshoot of Elvin, made by myself
 always a good work w/ a hard working model :P

that's all!
with love, Christine.

среда, 23 апреля 2014 г.

Something Mystical

Two weeks ago I had been at Jewish Cemetery (Lodz, Poland).
It was my second time there because of my friends.
It's really really mystical place and you guys must see it by your eyes.
First time when I came to Jewish Cemetery, I had with myself just an iphone and I took smth about 10 photos, and I was sooo sad about it, because without a really good camera there is nothing to do.
Yeah, I left my Canon at home in Kazakhstan when I came to Poland to study. 
That's a moost stupid thing ever, I know.
Buut! I came here again and I did everything what I wanted before.
All these graves, old ground.. well, let's see it!

hat, Zara
top, Stradivarius
necklace, Reserved
skirt, New Look
sunglasses, Pull&Bear
shirt, Pull&Bear
sneakers, H&M

"The first Jewish Cemetery in Lodz was established in 1811 at the Wesola Street. In the 50’s of the XX century a residential neighborhood and a street was built on the cemetery grounds. Today a stone obelisk, erected in 2004 by the initiative of the President of Lodz, 
Dr. Jerzy Kropiwnicki, remembers about this Cemetery."

especially thanks to this guide!


and here is my friends during the excursion

with love, Christine